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First Caribbean Field Trip

The first thing we did on 'Day 1' with the kids being back aboard was to schedule a tour of Soufriere, St. Lucia.  I was thrilled.  It had been over six weeks since I'd seen them, and all I wanted was to spend quality time together.  We had a blast.

The video of the first Caribbean field trip is below.  Enjoy.

St. Lucia Field Trip from Mark Silversetin on Vimeo.

Adult Field Trip!

Hedonism?  Not exactly. We took the opportunity to spend 10 days with adults and sail the Grenadines.  It was a blast.  We took our time (sort of...grin) and really enjoyed ourselves.

We dined on lobster, steak, fish (none that we caught unfortunately) and in general just had quality time catching up and enjoying some of the nicest anchorages in the Caribbean.

Lisa is Sarah's sister.  They are very close, and together we had an absolute blast.  At times, one night in particular, too much fun.  We'll spare you the details....let's just was 'over the top' - a memory we will never forget.

I'll cut to the chase, and get to the meat.  A new video of our trip.  Enjoy!


It has been forever since we have done a blog.  I know.  We've become somewhat addicted to the easy updates for pics via FaceBook, and have focused most of our adhoc updates there.

Ready for your Field Trip?

It is common knowledge in the cruising world, that when your boat reaches the Caribbean, it suddenly transforms from 'Sailing Vessel' into 'Bed & Breakfast'!  Like in the movie Field of Dreams, "if you (dock it in the Caribbean)... they will come."  In the past few months, I have loved to hear the excitement building in conversations with friends and family who have decided to come visit us aboard.  Amidst the excitement, however, there are always many uncertainties and questions about life on the water.  How to pack, what to pack, how to plan for expenses/money, seasickness, etc.  Here are a few tips to help our future guests.

1.  Casual Clothes.  Okay, I know, ladies.  We imagine ourselves looking all yacht-y with white linen pants, broad-rimmed hats, navy and white striped swimsuit cover-ups, and sandals to match each ensemble.  But the reality is - it is hot, you will scream 'tourist', and it just isn't practical.

Instead, …