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Going Green(er)

We've made a couple of big changes aboard Field Trip over the past several months.  We significantly upgraded our solar installation & added wind generation.

Admittedly, I'm not a big believer in wind & solar energy cost effectiveness (no subsidies) for private consumption.  Technology is getting better and the return on investment improving.  The principles are good, the raw economics not so much.  There are no subsidies on a boat to go green.

For us, it is less about cost effectiveness, and more about reducing our need to burn diesel to supply our energy needs.  We have a finite capacity (159Gallons/600L) and prefer to use this for water making & when absolutely necessary - propulsion (that's why we have a sailboat...grin).  We like the idea of being completely 'off the grid', having complete reliance on the weather for energy generation.  
The trick is weather.  Some days it's sunny.  Some days windy.  Some days both.  Some days neither.  The am…

Needle in a Haystack

Keeping track of Field Trip can sometimes be a 'Needle in a Haystack.  With limited connectivity, our sometimes rapid pace, we've decided to do a much better job on keeping our readers up to date on our location.  While Facebook has been updated fairly regularly, especially our float plans on longer trips, we are going to be keeping our blog up to date as well.

There are two primary methods we are using beginning this week.

SPOT.  We have not used spot to keep track of Field Trip since our long passage from Brazil.  It has gathered dust.  We are now committed to log each and every anchorage when we arrive.  So, you will be able to click on our 'Track Us Here' tab to see exactly where we are.Google Maps.  We are also logging our actual sailing routes and keeping a full history of every single overnight anchorage of Field Trip.  It's been painful, but we've now updated this new map for the entire trip since December 2011.  There are three layers to this map.  One…

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