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Hopping, Skipping, and Jumping



One of the best experiences this season was Time Out Boat Yard - TOBY. Not because of luxury – but because of our new sailing friends. The experience humbled me.

Until then, most of our friends have been full-time sailors – living frugally and living life. We’ve all shared similar backgrounds – entrepreneurs, executives, the love for adventure – and most no longer needing to work – i.e. retirees.

At TOBY it was different. Everyone we met, from single sailors, to families – all loved and shared the same passions we do – but with one major exception – they still had to work to make their dreams come true. They’d sail as long as they had resources - and then, find a place to work -- work hard -- and make enough money for the next segment of their journey.
I felt humbled. I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for working hard. That’s what I’ve done my entire life. I’ve always believed in following your passion, taking calculated risks, and making ‘it’ happen. Some have …