One of the best experiences this season was Time Out Boat Yard - TOBY. Not because of luxury – but because of our new sailing friends. The experience humbled me.

Until then, most of our friends have been full-time sailors – living frugally and living life. We’ve all shared similar backgrounds – entrepreneurs, executives, the love for adventure – and most no longer needing to work – i.e. retirees.

At TOBY it was different. Everyone we met, from single sailors, to families – all loved and shared the same passions we do – but with one major exception – they still had to work to make their dreams come true. They’d sail as long as they had resources - and then, find a place to work -- work hard -- and make enough money for the next segment of their journey.
Frenchman's Yacht lost in hurricane - he still lives aboard - can't afford new boat
I felt humbled. I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for working hard. That’s what I’ve done my entire life. I’ve always believed in following your passion, taking calculated risks, and making ‘it’ happen. Some have said what we are doing is ‘great’ or ‘ amazing’ or even ‘crazy’. The one big difference compared to our new friends– it’s relatively low risk. It’s a lot easier to make a change in life and go sailing – when you have the resources.

E's new best from from TOBY - having a blast!
We’re not down to our last $200 with a family to feed in a new country. We don’t have to find work to make ends meet or fix our boat. In comparison, we’re very fortunate. There are many sailors out here, living the dream – and working hard every day to continue. These are the people who really have the guts and grit to ‘go’. It’s perspective. One we can all use once in a while. Thank you TOBY.


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