The Beginning

We will be updating this blog very shortly...stay tuned....

Sarah and I are working on getting a jump start on the process.  In short, here is the update on our status:

Our Antares 44i is under construction.  It will be finished in late August to early September.  Like building a house...but requiring more patience, this is the approximate splash date.  Lots depends on materials getting cleared into Buenos Aires, the weather wrapped around the port, etc all determine eventual splash dates.

We will be moving to Buenos Aires in August.  Yep, moving down south for 2 months.  This is really required to get the boat properly provisioned, sea trials, paperwork, etc. and in general, settled into our new home.  Thanks you Laurie (Alberta Crewed) for the suggestion.  A great idea!

Move the boat from Buenos Aires to Brazil in September.  This will be done with myself and a couple of crew.  Moving the boat up to lha Grande, Brazil.  This is a great cruising area, and the kids and Sarah will join once up there or a couple of weeks to see the sights, and enjoy the boat.

Sail from Brazil to Caribbean in late October/November.  This will be done by me and crew.  Kids and Sarah will fly back to Denver for a month or so until I get the boat situated and they can get prepared to move down and begin the season exploring the new worlds aheads of us.

Future topics of this blog to include:

- Trigger Happy -- Why did we by an Antares 44i?
- Gymboree -- What the heck are we thinking doing this with kids?
- Popeye the Sailor -- Getting ready for the cruising.
- Analysis Paralysis -- Options galore, what is needed?  What is too much?

And much much more....see some of the pics we have recently added.

Stay tuned!!


  1. We would like to crew when needed; seriously.

  2. Seems like a great place to start. Great blog and pictures.


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