Lists, Lists, and more lists...

So, first we started with the boat options list along with a detailed list of the gear and gadgets we wanted to add. Quickly, one list led to another, and I have now a notebook of lists...

Here are some of the lists I'm working on now, but there are lists in my head that are keeping me up at night. (now requiring a bedside notebook, too!)
1. Homeschooling: curriculum, supplies, questions, and to do's
2. Kid Gear/Toys
3. Galley Provisioning
4. Immunization Information for South America

I also find myself asking questions like, "how long will this tube of toothpaste last us?" or, "will I REALLY wear makeup?" Suddenly every mundane part of my daily routine is questioned and analyzed to account for efficiency and space...

Mark and I also worked on lists of things to do before we go, and we each took responsibility for a few of them we can work on right now.

The lists are getting longer and more numerous, causing me to think hard about a binder with tabs to just get it all out of my head! It's getting pretty crowded up there lately.

I'm sure I'll share more specifics about lists, even post a few for reference if any of you are sailing someday!


  1. Yeah, forget the makeup. The people you're with mostly have seen you without it. Just concentrate on "necessities", like lipbalm and sunscreen.


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