Ode to the Drogue

Many times, when we tell people our crazy plans, I can just see their minds wander to a faraway island, crystal clear waters, dolphins swimming, sun shining, margarita in hand while Jimmy Buffet plays his sweet beach melodies. Perhaps sipping a Corona on a deserted beach, the hammock gently swinging as it clings to perfectly spaced palm trees.
Oh, the cruising life...

However, what keeps me up at night are visions of The Perfect Storm (a book-turned-movie that I have never seen, and probably never should). In my nightmares, Mark and I are up on deck in our 'foulies' doing our best to batten down the hatches, all the while being pummeled with gallons of sea water coming over the deck. Bilge pumps are groaning as they attempt to rid the hulls of excess water. Kids are strapped in their beds below deck. Then a huge wall of water rises above us...

People who have cruised for years, swear that you can and should avoid bad weather by simply following the weather forecasts closely and being patient. But, better safe than sorry, right? Enter the Jordan Series Drogue. If you know Mark, you know that he gets almost obsessive about researching. This drogue (defined here) is the 'best of the best' engineering. It is basically very light, sturdy line onto which many tiny parachutes are secured.  When the waves and wind come, the parachutes create enough steady resistance to keep the boat relatively stationary.  Then, everyone hunkers down below deck and prays for the storm to pass (hoping that there are no Jonah's on the boat prolonging the raging waters)

Kids sitting on new drogue
Now, I am thrilled that Mark researched this thoroughly and found the best drogue he could. However, the thought of even NEEDING to have this on the boat terrifies me. Kind of like when you are bungee jumping and they attach another line "just in case" - really?? In case of what?! Cue panic attack. Well, our sea anchor arrived yesterday via fed ex and induced curiosity from everyone - even Buster.

For me? The drenched visions began, and I decided an "Ode to the Drogue" was in order. Here's to you, dear drogue -

Ode to the Drogue

Nice and neat, you’re packed away
And that is where I hope you’ll stay!
Oh, how I’ll be overjoyed
If you never get deployed!


  1. You are so funny Sarah -- great post! That is exactly what is going through my head..:-) What a cute picture of the kids!

  2. A very wise decision to have one!


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