Lists: Part 2 -- Tools

As we dig deeper into the provisioning for our boat, the list gets longer and longer. Another factor that adds complexity is ‘what’ can we purchase in Argentina, and ‘how’ can we transport what is not purchased in Argentina without paying the 100% import duty. Lots of options with lots of moving parts.

Thankfully, the Antares community has been great at collaborating. Specifically Neil, Paul, Laurie & Craig – all new boat owners - have been sharing ideas, lists, and experiences. Laurie and Craig blazed a trail for us, and have provided invaluable feedback. Paul is ‘blazing’ the trail now, providing additional insight. Neil & I are currently in analysis, note sharing, list creating, and…logistics hell. Let me give some perspective – and focus only on tools (other categories include spare parts for boat systems, first aid, galley, safety equipment, books & charts, rigging & sails, electronics, etc, etc).


Michael at Home Depot with Dad
On the surface, sounds fairly simple. Hey, EVERY guy knows how to go to Home Depot and buy tools. From screwdrivers, power tools, hammers, etc…not so complicated right? And, if you don’t have a tool, jump in the car and go buy one! Not so fast on a boat. We will be on the boat for long periods of time, with no Home Depot around the corner, much less a dinghy ride away.

For example, the passage from Brazil to the Caribbean will be WEEKS, not days. If something breaks, we will need to be self sufficient to ‘fix it’ on the spot. So that is where the lists begin. From Diesel engines, electrical systems, to plumbing and sail repair – lots of tools may be needed, in some cases used only once, in other cases hopefully never used (rigging cutters)!

I currently have a list of over 75 tools needed on the boat. Some we can purchase in Argentina, others we will have to ‘import’. Which ones fall into either category is challenging. We have such items as tap and die sets, tapered punches, fids for splicing line, swaging press kit to hammers and screwdrivers. Once I get this list completed, I will post a link.

The good news is we are not starting from a blank sheet of paper. It is a consolidated list from other cruisers, books, etc…so from that perspective I think we are OK. Getting all this stuff to our boat – another matter! I will keep everyone updated on our progress. Until then, hopefully there is some perspective on our ‘lists’…. and the logistical challenges with Argentina.


  1. I am posting a link to another cruising family that have costs imbeded(somewhere on the right hand side of their site) in their website.
    It might be helpful to email them with regard to your up coming voyage.



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