Provisioning Pain!

As I alluded to in the Tools posting, there are a lot of items one must consider when provisioning a new boat.  It isn't as simple as buying the boat, loading up your clothes, buying food, and setting sail.  Lots of items must be analyzed, reviewed, debated and ultimately purchased.

This is the current analysis that I and other boat owners like Neil Sullivan are currently undertaking.  There are so many items that it can become overwhelming if you don't take this in chunks and get very organized.

Fortunately we have a great community of new and current Antares owners that have helped provide input.  In addition I have found Beth Leonard's book The Voyager's Handbook excellent.

To provide you with some perspective on the lists, see my summary on the right.  This is still work in process, but you will have some idea on all the items that must be sourced, purchased and stowed on a new boat.

At this point, we plan on purchase most of these items in Argentina.  It is just too complicated and expensive to ship.  The only item we plan on shipping is our Winslow life raft.  This is because we cannot check this as luggage on the airplane due to the CO2 cartridges.

Two separate owners who have recently taken delivery in Argentina  have strongly advised new owners to pay the extra luggage fees and check bags.  Even with shipping to Uruguay, the costs are substantial.  Paul, a new owner, was able to check an additional 6 large rubbermaid type containers for an extra $200....and not be charged additional import fees in Buenos Aires.

So I am sure the next question on your mind is 'what' is on the list of 673+ items!  Well, I am providing this spreadsheet as a link.  This is a culmination of items started by Neil, updated by myself and others.  My goal is to provide the 'final' list for other boat owners to jump start their provisioning.  If you have suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know.  I will make updates to this as well as a 'master' list.

Please note, we have not had our physician review the medical items.  This is only a starting point.  One of the other Antares owners who is a physician offered to review and update.  Once I get the updates I will post to the blog.


  1. Am so glad to have discovered your blog. We too are from Denver, and I am in love with the Antares. I'd like to d/l your spreadsheet, but all it does is go to an iCloud splash page.

    Fair winds and following seas,
    Mark "Crash" Aroneck


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