Bubba the Love Sponge

Our nickname for Buster is 'Bubba'.  Don't ask.  I don't know.  It's just what we call him.  The good news is his nickname has had no noticeable affect on his behavior -- although he has been gaining weight.....

So why another post on Buster??  Because I want to tell 'my side' of the story.  For a dog, buster has been OK.  A sissy.  Not a guard dog.  Not even a 'go fetch' dog.  Just a dog who is great with kids.  In the end that is what we needed.

To give you my perspective on Bubba, I have provided this chart (click to enlarge).

As our family has grown, we frankly have had less time for Buster.  He is still around, and goes for the occasional walk and summer camping trip.  But in reality, we spend a lot of time away, with Buster either in doggy day care or home alone.  It will be bittersweet to see him go.

One of the things that drives Sarah crazy is when I tease Buster with 'people' food.  He especially likes cooked sausage.  When he hears it frying he goes nuts.  He licks his chops, sits right beside me, and begs for a morsel.

One snowy day I got this bright idea to tease Bubba.  I grabbed my video camera, fried up some sausage, and tossed it in the snow to see him scrounge for it.  Twisted I know -- but funny.  The video is below.


  1. That is one well-behaved dog. He showed incredible restraint. How can you resist a face like that?!?

  2. Buster could have sausage at my house. Doggy Sausages. They are called Dog Joys and are in the refrigerater on the pet aisle. I would never tease you Buster!

  3. I went on to a site where a charter catamaran have a "golden retriever" as part of there crew. Like crtoothfairy said a face like that cant stay behind!


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