Crazy Train

"We're Crazy!"  "We're Reckless!"  "We've Lost Touch!"

Comments made by people about us, our plans and future.  Admit it.  Some people think that selling your belongings, quitting work, home schooling kids, & setting sail is...crazy.

Well, for once I agree!  In fact, not only do I agree, I embrace these comments - and this is WHY we are going on this adventure.  Let me explain!  (Cue Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train)

We're Crazy
We're crazy not to take this opportunity!  What an opportunity for us to grow as a family.  Spending good times and bad times together and creating memories that will last a lifetime.   We are also building family bonds that will be deeper and richer than would normally be possible in our traditional work/life rush of our weekly schedules.

We're Reckless
We're reckless - in our lack of quality time.  It is the fact that I have been so involved with the pursuit of my career - that it would actually be reckless not to dial down, and focus on a new challenge that will involve the entire family on a daily basis.   We will never be reckless with the safety and well being of our family or our vessel...and we are going to stop being reckless on how we spend our time.

We've Lost Touch
Yes, we have lost touch.  We have too much 'stuff'.  We have never had to worry about a 'budget'.  If we want something, we buy it.  This is out of touch.  We are looking forward to simplification.  Our kids don't need every toy or doll.  We don't need every type of new gadget (unless for boat of course...grin) or motorized vehicle.  It is frankly almost embarrassing when we inventory all the 'stuff' we have.  It is time for us to get 'back in touch' with reality and instill additional values in our kids so they will be 'in touch'.

So in the end, do I really 'care' that people think we are crazy?  Nope.  Because we are crazy!

Ok, now I will turn down the volume of Crazy Train....untie my straight jacket and get some sleep.

Me.  Crazy.


  1. You all aren't crazy, it's fantastic! Grab hold of life and don't let go. We are so excited for your family. The Mabry's

  2. The best post yet...I wanted to get up and do the crazy train dance right along with you...well on second thoughts, the monkey.

  3. You are causing me to break one of the 10 commandments......THOU SHALL NOT COVET....the fun times of my kids friends..... :)


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