Great Podcast!

This is going to be a very quick post.  I want to pass on a GREAT link with some very good video from a family currently sailing.  One of my hobbies is videography, and when I find a high quality source, I like to share.  The work done by this family is excellent.

We have been watching these with our kids, and they love the videos.  Elizabeth especially liked the 'Preparation' video that showed the kids getting shots.  She knows that day is soon coming...and I was happy their kids did not melt down.  :-)

Thanks David (hope I got your name right) from the Oakland boat show.  He tipped me off to this great site!  He too plans on sailing with his family...looking forward to seeing you on the water David!

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here.  Otherwise, here is the link directly to their website.



We will be having some video coming out stay tuned!


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