Let's Get Physical

My doctor and I
"Drop your pants." "Put your elbows on the table." "Relax."

I knew I was in trouble when I walked into the examination room and saw the KY and rubber gloves neatly laid out on a stainless steel tray.  As hard as I tried to assure the doctor I was 'OK'...it didn't help.

So what does this have to do with sailing??  A lot.  We are getting rigourous health checks, immunizations, and more health checks to ensure we are healthy and mitigate any potential health issues while we are away.

The doctor proclaimed I was in 'great' health and he would 'See me next year!'.  Since I was going to be sailing in remote areas, he wanted to be thorough...and handed me Dr. Orders for a...colonoscopy!!  NICE.  I will never, ever, ever tell my doctor again I am doing something as exotic as sailing in remote places with limited health care...ever, ever again!!!


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