Passion.  Not in a sexual sense.  Passion for 'what'. Passion for 'why'.  I've spent most of my life driven by passion for the what and why. When the passion subsides it becomes a job.  It's not fun.  It's not exciting.  It's boring.  I hate being bored......

Ten years at the helm of Xcelicor with outstanding people, huge challenges, and lots of passion for being the best - was great.  It wasn't a job.  It wasn't a career.  It was fun.  It was rewarding.  It was exciting!

Leaving the current 'job' and changing channels isn't going to be hard.  I have a very strong desire to rekindle that passion.  It's still there.  Whether the passion is channeled towards sailing or back into another company is still unknown.  There are many great people in my network that are waiting to see what I do long term - it is both humbling and challenging.

First Sarah and the kids. Focus on making them a priority.  Taking time to see how we do with me off the road full-time.  No airplanes.  No meetings.  Just time together on our boat.

Second my professional network. There are some key opportunities in the short term that are hard to resist. It is in my DNA to drive another market offering.  Create a great team to dominate a market.  The question is 'when'.  I promise myself and family not to answer that question until 2012.....

Passion for Family.  Passion for Sailing.  Passion for Entrepreneurship. 


Sarah said over dinner this week that all I have to do is tell her I want to start another company and she will sail away with me forever.  Hmmmmm.......;-)


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