It's a Wrap!

WOW!  It’s my final day at work.  As I type this I am flying back to Denver from Los Angeles. As one of the Deloitte partners said today – this is my ‘final flight’ back home.  From a work perspective she is correct.

There are certainly people, places and clients I will miss. Turning the page is exciting.  It is bittersweet.

The Bitter:
  • Working with some of the best and brightest people in the industry
  • Building relationships with some outstanding clients
  • Building & driving the next market offering
  • The rush of meeting new clients/people and building professional networks
The Sweet:
  • Time with Sarah, Elizabeth and Michael
  • Not missing important events with kids as they develop and grow into young adults 
  • Sailing and exploring on our time, with no hard schedule or rush
  • No more 200+ emails a day (I know, insane!)
  • Breathing deeply & relaxing vs. go, go, go
  • Oh yeah…and no more TSA gropings at airport!
So what is next in the immediate term? As we have outlined in this blog there is a lot going on this summer to prepare for the move to Argentina. To be exact we have 3 months to get ready. Our calendar is completely booked for June. We are spending 2+ weeks traveling to see family. I am spending some time fishing in the Bahamas with Neil (Antares owner) and we will do some camping – starting this weekend.

It’s a wrap at work. It’s the beginning of our next chapter. Off we go…..


  1. I love you so much, honey. I am so excited to start this next chapter with you. Thanks for leaping with me...

  2. I cannot "ditto" what Sarah said but I can say good things happen to good people! Enjoy your time with your kids it will b the best thing you will do in your life. Let's catch up for dinner or golf and finally "Oh yeah…and no more TSA gropings at airport!" I think that is the fun part of traveling... ;) Take care my friend!


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