Oh Captain! My Captain!

Finally! We have our captain for the big trip from Brazil to the Caribbean. Finding a captain for our boat wasn’t easy. We had a number of different options from some great captains. Two of them I knew from previous acquaintances.

In the end, the deciding factor was finding a captain that previous Antares owners had used and who is experienced on the Antares 44i.

We are very fortunate to have found Martin (more info here) available and willing to do our delivery.  Craig (s/v Alberta Crewed) just finished his trip with Martin from Brazil to the Caribbean.  By all accounts it went very well, and based on his recommendation I contacted Martin to be captain on our passage.

So ‘what’ is the plan? Here is our updated schedule…that will most likely change given boat commissioning, weather, etc. It will at least provide a general feel for our timing.

The Route


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