Always Date Ugly Chicks

That way you don’t know what you are missing. This was the analogy used on our fishing trip by a seasoned fisherman named John. It has nothing to do with women, and everything to do with fishing. You see, there is a difference between trout and bonefish. I have been told once you bonefish you’ll never trout fish again. While I was at Deep Water Cay in the Bahamas I did a lot of fishing, just not bonefish. Guess I didn’t want to ‘ruin’ trout fishing… ;-)

The primary purpose of my 3 days in the Bahamas was to learn from Neil (Antares 4436) and Scot the ins and outs of deep-sea fishing. It was excellent. The trip exceeded expectations. We had a blast, and caught a ton of fish.

We started each day with a 4-5 mile walk before jumping on the boat and heading out to grab fish. They primary types of fishing we did included:
  • Trolling for grouper and other reef fish 
  • Deep dropping (over 500ft) for snapper 
  • Lobster traps (did not catch as out of season) 
Neal and Scot had their families coming down for the 4th of July week, so our mission was to catch as many edible fish as possible to stock the freezer.

Red Snapper from Deep Drop Fishing
One item that concerns me is cardio exercise on the boat. Neil and I tried the resort paddle boards to see how we liked them. They provide good core exercise while on the water. The boards were great, and I will most likely purchase the inflatable boards for our boat.

Below is a brief video from our trip. As you will see, the hardest part was our deep drop fishing. It is very challenging to reel up 500+ feet of line quickly (so the sharks don’t get your fish) AND drink a beer! Whew!! Maybe I can just do deep drop fishing instead of paddle boarding for exercise!


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