Tick Tock!

At first it seemed like I had plenty of time.  A whole summer to get ready for the move to Argentina.  "No problem man", in a Jamaican accent.  This will be easy.

This could not be further from the truth.  It has been over two weeks since I left work.  I have been busier than ever.  Sounds crazy I know.  Let me explain, and put this in perspective.

Moving to Argentina is not simply packing our bags and jumping on an airplane.  There are a LOT of items we have to do...while taking care of kids.  I now have a much better perspective on juggling kids and lists.  It isn't easy.

I've been used to letting Sarah know 'I have work to do, need to be up late tonight.'  And that was that.  It's different now.  I don't have 'work' to do...and in some ways have less latitude to run around doing errands.  I am working hard you see to be part of the family vs. an observer of the family - there is a difference.

Key items we have to do before moving to Argentina:

There is a lot to do -- in the next 10 weeks.  We are making a weekly plan - to coordinate the details and keep stress low.

As I type this, we are in Michigan at a family reunion.  We are staying at my sister's house, who happens to be a fan of LOTS of clocks.  The few times there has been relative silence, you can hear clocks ticking and tocking.  They serve as a constant reminder how little time we really have to get ready....and frankly they are driving me cuckoo.....

Family Reunion Michigan 2011


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