Men vs. Wild

300 Miles.  2 Days.  100% Testosterone.

Every year we have a 'guys' weekend in the mountains on our ATVs and motorcycles.  It's great.

This year we went to Taylor Park, CO.  From here we ride to Aspen, Crested Butte & St. Elmo Ghost Town.

I'm looking forward to moving this trip from the mountains to our boat in the Caribbean.  Sure, it will be different, but it will still be great.  My first 'guys trip' on the boat will be 4,000 NM, 30 days and lots of time on our hands.  It will be great, and is about 4 months away.

Some GREAT pictures were taken by Marble.  Here is a link to the pics from our ride.

Below is a video from this weekend.   Enjoy.  It is also in 1080p HD on the YouTube site.


  1. Great stuff Mark! I would love to do this!!!


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