Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires!

Captain Argentina sending us off!
We have arrived!  After much preparation and anxiety, it turned out to be a wonderful trip.  Flights were on time, both kids slept through the night, and luggage all arrived unscathed.  Phew!  We are now sitting in our new apartment, enjoying the wi-fi and reminding ourselves that we're only an email or Skype call away.  Sigh.  Here's a little glimpse into our journey...

Michael decided to try on all his dress up clothes the morning we were getting ready to leave.  It was quite comforting having all those strong, protective super powers around us, as we knew it would be a long day.

We got the final carry ons loaded into the van, Nana came over to escort us there, donning some Starbucks green tea for me!  Thanks, Nana... more superpowers!
One stop at the bank, and we were headed for the airport.  As we drove, I think our back bumper left a trail of sparks!!  It was quite the load! The United ticket desk ladies were all wide-eyed and gasping as they saw us wheel in our luggage, and they continued to be amazed as all of the boxes and bags measured in precisely at or just a hair under the weight limit.  Mark's meticulous planning and 1K status certainly paid off!  We only had to pay for one extra bag...

Once the bags were sent off, we hit the restroom and then ate a quick taco with Mariellen before we had to face security.  It was wonderful traveling with kids who could pull their own backpacks and take off their own shoes!!  No more strollers or carseats - hurrah!  We were definitely not the speediest, but we did it, and nothing and no one was left behind!  To the train, and then to our gate... one step at a time.

On our first leg of the trip, to Washington, DC, I made the mistake of thinking the kids should sit together so that they could watch a movie on my laptop.  This would have been the smart thing to do, however, we quickly realized that the airplane was showing the movie RIO.  So, there the kids sat, zombies, glued to the airplane tv.  They didn't fight or bug each other, but every time I wanted their attention, I had to literally wave my arms around until they unglued their eyes and noticed me.  It was annoying, but could have been much worse, in hindsight.

A bit of running around and dinner in DC, then back on the plane for the long haul.  The kids and I were spoiled in business class, while Mark had to endure the back of the bus.  (awww, such a sacrificial patriarch)  I was greeted with a glass of champagne before we even sat down - did I look like I needed it?  I separated the kids and gave them some time to push all the buttons to figure it all out.  And after the excitement wore off, they both finally dozed.  Even superheroes need their rest... superheroes' mommies, too.


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