Bucket List - Argentina

Every year or two, Sarah and I review our personal bucket lists.  If you haven't seen the movie, you should.  It is essentially a list of items we want to do before we 'kick the bucket'.

We sat down yesterday to review our modified list for Argentina.   It isn't especially long.  However, we soon realized our time is running short.  We love Buenos Aires.  Our kids love Buenos Aires.  There is SO much to do, and frankly not much time.  I know, 3 months sounds like a lot of time.  We have been here over two weeks, and it seems like we just arrived.  Crazy how fast time is flying.
Learn to Tango

If you've had the pleasure of seeing me dance - or better yet - dancing with me - you'll know I need lessons.  Scary I know.  Tango is a big deal, and not very easy.  There are many options for tango classes.  We are still researching which one we will use.  Most likely we'll make this a couple's night out event and go with some of our expat friends.  

Normally I would take pictures and shoot video...but I think I'll pass sharing video from our lessons... :) 

Take Polo Lessons

Yep.  We are going to take Polo lessons here in Argentina.  It is safe to say Argentina is the polo capital of the world.  The top 20 polo players over the last 10 years are ALL Argentine.  This is a serious sport.
Polo is officially played in Argentina since 1870. The first local official game was played by Irishmen, estancia owners and English engineers. The first institution, Flores Polo Club, was founded in 1880. The sport continued to develop and subsequently new clubs appeared in different towns and cities throughout Argentina.

Since then the Argentine Polo has been ranked among the best in the world. Many Argentine players of top handicap play around the globe. Also prominent are the Argentine Polo Horses, known as Petisos, a particular kind of breaded horse that’s specially suitable for this sport.

According to the statistics, Argentina has been ranked World Champion since 1949 and has been awarded most of the highest ranks since.

Sarah and I are both excited to learn about the game and actually play in a polo match or two.

Be conversational in Spanish

This is by far the hardest one for me.  I have never been very good at foreign languages.  I took German and French in college and they were my toughest classes.  At any rate, Sarah and I are enrolling in a Spanish school in two weeks.  We plan on spending 20 hours per week in class - each.  Not sure yet how all this will work, but we are going to give this a shot and trade off with the kiddos.

We also plan on enrolling Michael in a Spanish school for 4-5 days per week.  He is a sponge, and we want to see how he will do in this environment.  Elizabeth is another story.  She is shy, and we are not sure how this will work for her.  At this point w'll keep her in the School of Momma and see how Michael adjusts.

Experience ALL of Argentina

There is so much to see and do in Argentina.  To keep this short, they key areas we plan on visiting are Patagonia, Bariloche, Mendoza and Iguazu Falls.  These all require significant travel, and we are currently planning the details.
Iguazu Falls



  1. All great plans. Tips for the Tango: listerine and deoderant will make for a most pleasant experience...

  2. Laurie, Alberta CrewedSeptember 19, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    I am really enjoying living vicariously through you as you explore Argentina. It is so much fun to read about Michael and Elizabeth's adventures and how they are loving their new home.


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