Fine Print

I've never been accused of not being thorough.  Especially when it comes to contractual matters and fine print.  That is until we moved to Argentina.

In my hunt for the 'perfect' apartment, I missed the fine print.  Unfortunately I didn't find out until yesterday.  Sarah was hurrying out for a play date with some friends, and I was home working on my Spanglish.  I decided I would do a load of laundry to earn some hubby points, and try out the new contraption in our laundry room.  Using my Spanish to English dictionary I was deciphering 'how' to operate what appeared to be an 'all in one' washer/dryer.  Not much different I thought than the one on our boat.

I successfully completed a washed load of laundry.  Check.  Now, the easy part, push some buttons and turn on the dryer.  After 15 mins of fiddling around with this device, I came to the sudden realization I had 'missed the fine print'.  There was NO dryer.  Nope.  Nadda.  Zippo.

The 'dryer' was this contraption hung from the ceiling.  Expletive.  Expletive.  Expletive. 

Luckily, after some quick googling, I found that there are numerous laundry services in our area that charge $6 USD per load, folded.  $12 USD per week to do all our laundry, delivered, and folded.  Now thats fine print worth missing!  :)


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