Iguazu Falls - Toucan Cereal

We had an excellent time at Iguazu Falls.  Sarah is working on a larger post with lots of pictures of our trip....so stay tuned.

I decided to do a quick post with the first of two videos I've been editing.

Some background.  After two days of seeing waterfalls, exotic birds, wild monkeys, and the largest rodent in the world (a.k.a giant freaking rat), I sat the kids down to get their perspective on the trip.

I want to point out one item that is needed before viewing this video.  We don't feed our kids junk food, never have.  I have been accused of being a little anal on such things as breakfast cereals and sugar content.  So...when the kids saw at breakfast there were 'Fruit Loops' (they had NO idea what this was really called, just that it looked 'cool' and they wanted some) - we decided to splurge.  I told them this was 'Toucan Cereal', and they could only have some if they saw a real Toucan in the wild.  As fate would have it...they saw 5 in one day....this is the background you need for the video...enjoy!

One of the Toucans we saw - Photo by Sarah


  1. Enjoy all of the hard work and time you and Sarah put into your blogs so we can be up to date with your happenings! It's kind of scary how much E&M remind me of R&Z!!! Too many similarities!!!


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