Two for Three

I just got back from a quick three day trip to Washington DC.  I had to fly back to get a power of attorney notarized at the Argentine Embassy so we can export our boat.  Don't ask.  Complicated procedures on the export side in Argentina.  In summary, since my boat is owned by an LLC, I was required to get an Argentine notary on US soil allowing me as an individual to sign export paperwork and export the boat on behalf of the LLC.  ARG!

Boxes of stuff I ordered at Neil's house :-)
Neil and Shawn were nice enough to let me stay at their place in Fredericksburg, VA.  We did a TON of shopping for miscellaneous items I can't get down here - maple syrup, good peanut butter, boat items, medications, etc, etc.  I also picked up six boxes of Annie's mac and cheese for one of our expat friends whose kids were craving this delicacy. :)

In addition, we spent a full day at the Annapolis boat show Thursday.  It was great.  Lots of Antares owners were there, and we were able to spend time getting caught up on our respective plans, boat tweaks, stories, and some good laughs.

On the way home yesterday, I brought down some of Neil's crates, including a couple of my own.  I wasn't worried about customs this time as I had been through there now twice before with LOTS of stuff...and felt like I was 'good to go'.  Well...I was flagged down yet again!  I guess too many boxes and crates to be traveling by myself.  Luckily I was able to show them boat documentation and talk my way through no duties on our stuff.  That's two for three on the customs searches.

Fortunately I won't be doing this we are finished with our shopping and look forward to the boat splashing soon!

Good luck Neil and Shawn on your 10 plus crates next week!!!  ;-)


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