We're Next!

s/v Escapade owners transporting 'stuff' to boat!
Pinch me.  Ok, hit me.  Reality set in this weekend.  We're next!!!  We helped Neil and Shaun move aboard their boat Saturday.  It was a crammed bus.  Lots of boxes, bins, suitcases and other items to provision their new boat.  We were very excited to see them board Escapade for the first time.  I was beaming almost as much as Neil and Shaun - knowing how close we are to the same provisioning excercise.
Stacks of items for boat prior to loading
It took about an hour to unload the bus, and move all bins onboard.  In 3 hours a lot of the items were unpacked.  The hard part will be finding space for all the smaller items and getting the boat organized.  It will take Neil and Shaun a couple of days to get on top of everything.

Tomorrow (Monday), s/v Escapade heads out for Uruguay for the inagural exporting and collection of items we had shipped for our boats.  More on this saga in another post.

The kids had a blast.  It was their first time on an Antares that is configured similar to ours, with the port forward cabin having bunk beds.  They spent time exploring the nooks and crannies of Escapade while the adults unloaded stuff and admired the new boat.  Every time I step onto a new Antares, I realize how well made they are...and just can't wait to get ours in the water!
Neil and Shaun admiring s/v Escapade for the first time in the water
Elizabeth and Michael exploring 'their' cabin
So, the big question - 'what' is our schedule?  Now that we are officially 'next in the water', we have begun working more details.  Lots of moving parts.  The updated schedule looks something like this:


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