Field Trip Written By Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth.  I am six years old.  I have a little brother.  His name is Michael.  I like to travel around the world.  This is my blog about Argentina and Patagonia.  I picked out some photos for you to see.  Here they are...

These are homemade empanadas.  I made these with my brother.  I like the jamon y queso kind.  That is a Spanish word for ham and cheese.  I like to say that when I want ham and cheese empanadas.  This is how you make them. SO, you get an empanada maker (they sell these in the Tupperware store by our apartment!) and you put an empanada circle of dough and you put ham and cheese inside.  Then you squish it.  You have to cook it for 10 minutes in the oven, but you first have to put egg and brush it on the empanadas.  Don't forget to whip the egg up first because if you don't whip the egg yolk up then you will have to put big globs on the empanadas.  That wouldn't taste good!  Here is my next photo.

This is me with my mommy and my brother when we went to the MALBA museum.  I like the art.  It is delicate.  There is pretty artwork in the museum.  Right when you go up the two escalators there is a huge piece of artwork that has three colors - the colors are orange, blue, and red.  It was made of colored glass. I liked the delicate looks of it.  There was also a dragon made out of junk.  And there was this cool artist and when you walk past his art it changes colors.  In this place where there was like a trail, it was different colors of lightbulbs and we had to wear slippers because it was white, white, white.  We didn't want to mess up the white floor.  There was this wooden chair and it had long wooden string things and it was attached to the other chair that was below on the next floor.  It was so cool.  Here is my next photo.

This is me with my brother at the museum.  It's a kid museum.  They had cool dinosaur bones, and the one that you see in the picture is the cool dinosaur.  It has like a long chin that's hanging down.  There was a dinosaur fish that was huge, but it was just a statue.  I liked the dolphin.  The dolphin was like it looked real, but it was just a model of a dolphin.  The museum had a rock of gold, it was so sparkly.  In another room there was a huge tarantula, they killed him to show us it.  There was birds.  One was an umbrella bird, it had kind of a mohawk hanging down.  And there was a pigeon, like what we always see.  Here is my next photo.

This is a red-beaked sea gull.  I really like the red beak instead of the black beak.  We see these all around Patagonia.  I wanted my mom to take a photo of this bird, and she did!  So, I thought that you might like to see one, so I put it on the blog for you!  This bird is trying to eat food that's in the water.  You can see in the picture.  Mommy tried to get a good picture of it.  Here is my next photo.

This is the boat that we went on to see the sea lions.  They are so cute.  Their poop is red.  I saw a bunch of it on the island.  I smelled the yucky poop when we were next to the island where the sea lions were.  You can climb up on the top on the ladder of the boat.  And you can see for far distances on the top of the boat. I saw small little islands and I saw kind of where the Earth went like around, it was pretty funny.  I could hear the sea lions going like "AARRGGHH" when they got in a big fight, and I heard the waves on the island.  I should have put a picture of the sea lions on here.  I am sorry.  During snack time, I tasted cookies and hot chocolate and berry tea.  My favorite was the berry tea.  Here is my next photo.

This is me with my brother on the sled.  This is next to where we stayed, we got a perfect view from out our window.  I could see the Andes Mountains, green trees, the town and the ocean.  We had kind of like a cabin hotel because the ceilings were like down, up, down, up.  We bought penguin stuffed animals.  One is Magellanic and one is the king.  The Magellanic penguin is the one that my brother has.  And the King is the one that I have.  Here is my next photo.

These are the penguins that we saw.  You can see the one that's in the front - and you can see the one that's gray (that's the penguin that I have)  The one that's striped is the Magellanic, you know that that one is my brother's, right?  We had to ride a boat for 10 minutes over to the penguin island.  I heard them squawking.  Now you can hear it in your brain, because I'm going to tell you what it sounds like...SSSSQQQQQUUUUUAAAAWWWWK.  I saw a penguin in it's nest, scared.  And I saw the egg.  The egg was yellowish - greenish.  Did you like my blog?  I hope you do because this is my first blog!  Thank you for reading my blog!

(Mommy typed this for me as I told her exactly what to write.  Sometimes she asked me questions, too!)


  1. Fabulous blog entry Elizabeth! I teach blogging to my MIDDLE school students and you are already starting this - very advanced! I think you did a wonderful job explaining each picture with great details. I think you should definitely keep posting entries on your blog. I will be sure to let Clayton and Briley read your blog so they can learn along with you about that part of the world! You are a great teacher!

    Love, Aunt Angela and Uncle Tim

  2. Elizabeth, Papa and I enjoyed reading your blog. We look forward to more posts on your adventures. We love you, Papa and Yaya

  3. This is awesome! You did a great job on your blog and I felt like I was there. Keep up the good work! Cheryl Gross

  4. Elizabeth, I love your blog! I especially liked the part about the penquins and the noise they make. My daughter-in-law, Victoria, loves penquins so I will have to tell her about this. Great job, Laura P. (Rob's wife)
    p.s. I'm sure Salwa will be as excited about an empanada maker as I am! Good info!

  5. Rayna liked the empanadas and the penquins the best. Aunt Shelley laughed when you made the sound of the animals. Zane liked your blog alot and hopes to see you soon, and Rayna agrees with him. Good JOB on the Blog E!

  6. Laurie, Alberta CrewedDecember 2, 2011 at 8:10 AM

    Hello Elizabeth
    Your blog is colossally phenomenal! You gave great directions for the empanadas and I liked your extra tips about the egg yolks. When you wrote about the colors of the art at the gallery, I could picture them in my mind. My favorite parts are the sound words. I could hear the animal and bird noises in my head too! Thank you. Please write another blog.


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