Ice Ice Baby!

What's frigid cold, very large, and moves really slow?  Hopefully not your significant other! (I couldn't resist)

I frankly wasn't too sure what to expect when we headed to El Calafate.  Heck, we live in Colorado, love to ski, and see snow and ice every freaking year, right?

The first bad assumption - our hotel in El Calafate was walking distance to the glaciers.  Wrong...try 120km away!  Oops.  Had to run out and find a rental car real fast since the family was not up for a long walk!

Second bad assumption - it's only 'ice ice baby', so what's the fuss about?  We soon realized that was a really dumb question.  We were awestruck - not only in the size of the glacier, but the pure solitude of the area.  There were almost no tourists (it was drizzly all day), and you could hear and feel the rumbles of the ice as it broke off the glacier.  Amazing!

Ice calving 'lookout' in action
Ice calving, photo by Sarah

So, no more words.  I've posted a short video of our glacier adventure!


  1. R & Z liked it!!! Shelley's favorite part is the!!! Loved it!

  2. Great video!
    Mark - What video editing software are you using and how do you create those cool opening shots with the scrapbook, photos, and artwork all assembling on the fly?
    Travel well!


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