Details! Details! Details!

Fun.  Painful.  Busy.  Slow.  We're almost there!  There are soooo many details on getting ready for the boat.  It's the busiest we've been since moving to Argentina almost four months ago.

Field Trip is officially set to splash on Monday.  Our schedule is getting tight with the holidays approaching.  We've been running around like crazy getting logistics figured out for our move to San Fernando next week.

In addition, I've been making regular trips to Field Trip during the week.  Santiago and Memo now cringe when I walk into the boatyard (not really...but close).  Everyone is working hard to get the boat ready.  It's a beehive of activity with lots of intricate details all coming together at a rapid pace.  I've been truly amazed to see the boat morph into this beautiful work of art - combining modern materials with detailed, handmade woodworking.

We're excited.  We're anxious.  We're exhausted.  We're ready.

1 day away from splashing
Carlos, crew for trip to Brasil - checking out boat


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