I've spent years avoiding Facebook.  I would poke fun at Sarah as she fiddled with friends online.

So why post about Facebook on our blog?  This is supposed to be about sailing and traveling right?  Yep.  Exactly.

I credit/blame Neil (Antares 4436) for my recent plunge.  Over the past 3 weeks I've warmed up to Facebook - and have enjoyed getting connected to people I've not seen or heard from in a very long time.

In addition to getting connected with friends, I've found this to be a very good tool for keeping our sailing friends and blog followers up to date on our progress - on a regular basis.  Instead of waiting for the next blog entry - which can take days or weeks to post - we'll be supplementing the blog with Facebook to provide the following:
  • Daily position updates via Spot Connect during passages
  • Quick picture posts of sailing and travel
  • Forum for better two-way communication/interaction with blog followers
From a sailing perspective, there were three appealing items about Facebook for quick updates:
  • Facebook isn't quite as annoying as Twitter
  • Spot Connect seamlessly integrates with Facebook, and allows for posting of text messages to my 'wall' anywhere in the world - no internet connection or cell service required
  • SailMail over either pactor modem or satellite can easily post messages and updates on a regular basis from Field Trip anywhere in the world
So, if you'd like to follow us in more detail, click on the Facebook badge at the right, and send a friend request.  We're a week away from Field Trip hitting the water!  Lots more updates coming soon!


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