Skinny Dipping

Today was her day.  People stopped and stared.  A way was made.   Shyly, yet proudly, she inched down the roads of San Fernando, and men flocked around her to lend a helping hand.  Trees were cut down, power lines lifted, cars pulled aside.  Nothing could stop her.  She felt a little vulnerable, quite naked,  really, without the adornments of lines and a powerful mast that would proclaim her a sailing vessel.  Yet, she inched forward, ready to dip her keels in that water and finally float.

What could we do, but just follow along and watch - in awe of the reality, the dream, the being that has become a personified part of our family story.  As she made her way to the water, the kids found their own entertainment... petting neighborhood dogs, dropping rocks in sewers, sword fighting with the fallen branches - it seems she had not seduced them, yet.  Mark and I just kept exchanging glances, not believing she was here. now. with us. splashing.  We tried to capture the experience in photos and video, but at some point we just had to drop our cameras by our sides and ogle with everyone else.  This was a sight to be seen.  She was a sight to be seen.  This huge vessel, seeming to be called to the waters.

When we first spotted the water, time seemed to stand still.  Men were conferring over plans and safety precautions, I'm sure, but I just wanted to get her into that cool water!  The kids were safely behind a barricade watching, so I snuck behind the gates and tried to capture every second of her first encounter with the waters of San Fernando.  Slowly, her stern entered, then finally floated, un-aided.  As she was pulled out into the marina waters, she seemed to parade by the other boats, announcing her arrival.  We were able to sit on board while she went, a thrill for our family, as our first official ride on our new boat!  The kids were slowly wooed by her, as they sat in the captain's chair and then moved on deck to feel the wind in their hair!  They were smitten!!  It was a wonderful moment, as all four of us enjoyed the sun and wind that can only be found aboard.

'Delivery Crew'
More Pics Here of Boat Splash


  1. Congratulations! It should be a piece of cake to sail her to Brazil in comparison with the adventure to take her down the road to the water!

  2. Very exciting! Nothing like a dream when it comes true. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

  3. Woww Sarah! Thanks! We had always seen it as splashing a boat, you've given the whole process a new dimension. :-)
    Glad you enjoyed it. It is a well deserved treat for you guys. Thanks for working together with us!

  4. Laurie, Alberta CrewedDecember 23, 2011 at 5:26 AM

    We loved watching Field Trip make her way down the road and hearing/reading your beautiful stories of how it feels to finally see her in the water. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  5. Beautiful boat...enjoy your adventure

  6. This is awesome, a BIG congratulations from the Mabry family!

  7. Congrats to entire family! What a proud moment to see a dream come true. A true inspiration to us all!


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