A great crew is important.  It's even more important on a new boat.

On the surface we probably look a little unruly.  Different languages,  backgrounds, experiences and minimal showers (grin).  Dig a little deeper, we are kindred spirits.

All of us love sailing.  We are driven and enjoy hard work.  And....we were consultants!  Yep.  Small world.  Diego is an alumni of Deloitte and Carlos Bain Consulting.

We have lists, project plans, status reports, more lists, and more spreadsheets than your average sailing crew.  Carlos whips out a report on an issue, documents all the details and emails to us diagnostics.  In short, we're having a blast, and performing great as a team.  Together we are turning what could have been a fairly challenging trip into a seamless, well oiled machine.  We have literally gone from 'Good to Great' in a week.

We're off today for Ilha Grande (Rio de Janeiro).  Watch out Poseidon, we have a crew of consultants ready to tackle any issue you throw our way.......


Admittedly, most of my updates have recently been on FaceBook.  One, it is faster - two, most of the updates have not warranted an actual blog entry.  Send me a friend request if you want daily updates on progress during our journey north.


Here is the LINK for the SPOT site, so you can track progress.


  1. We are here in Rio! Hurry up!! Love you and we really can't wait to see you and get back on that boat!


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