Atlantic Cup Begins!

The Atlantic Cup officially starts today at 1600GMT.  Crew is here safely, and we are preparing for a Parasailor start - weather permitting.

We'll have lots more in the next week, including a video documentary of our preparations and sailing.

Most of our updates will be on Facebook.  The other area will be on the Atlantic Cup website, here.

Finally, if you are really interested, you can track us daily via the Rally satellite trackers we have on our boat.  This link is here.  This should be working later today.

Stay tuned.  We are excited and will keep you as up to date as possible.

View from atop Field Trip in Nanny Cay Marina


  1. Hey Mark,

    Great to meet you at Nanny Cay. Fair winds and hopefully we'll connect soon. We're off to Antigua tomorrow and we have no wind! Zero.

    All the Best,


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