"Bermuda Zoo and Aquarium" by Elizabeth

While Daddy was sailing, we rode a bus to the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.  First, we paid.  Then, we went in the aquarium part before the zoo.  We saw lion fish that sting.  Did you know that lion fish are eating all the reef fish?  In St. Croix, there were signs that said they want to get rid of the lion fish, so people could kill them if they found them in the water.  Here is a picture of the lion fish we saw.

Then we saw seals.  One of the seals got up on the patio in its cage.  I went to go take pictures of it because it was right there by the window!  I could see his ears.  The ears were little holes on his head.  The picture that you're going to see is the one I took.  After I took this picture, we got to watch them get fed.  And "Ariel", the name of the seal, kissed the zookeeper on his head!  She also twirled around in a circle!

In the zoo, I liked seeing the Scarlet Ibis bird.  As they get older, their feathers get redder.  They live in the rain forests and use their beaks to get fish, insects, seeds and fruit.  

There was another bird that I saw that was pretty, because it was rainbow-colored!  It has a white beak and white cheeks, but the rest of its feathers are red, blue, yellow, green, purple and black.  I would like for you to try to look up this bird and figure out what it is called and where it is from!  Mom and I can't figure it out!

When we went in this place where monkeys could run around you, one Tamarin monkey was on the sign that told you all the animals and plants that were in there.  Golden Lion Tamarins live in the rain forests of Brazil!  Too bad we didn't see them while we were there!  When my brother was looking at this bird and got a little close to the sign, the monkey hissed at him and Mom thought it was going to bite him!!  We left that area quickly!

It was so funny, that the monkey hissed at Michael!  We had a blast exploring the Bermuda Zoo and Aquarium!  


  1. Hi there,
    We are enjoying your blog.
    The pretty bird is an Eastern Rosella from Australia.


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