Reality Check

We're back in the United States.  Field Trip is secure in Newport, RI and we're currently in Denver, CO.

So, how are we faring?  Candidly, I dreaded coming back to Denver.  Even for 3 weeks, it was a dread.  The same feeling you get when being on vacation and then go back to work.  Ugh.

The experience has been outstanding.  "Why stop now?"  That's been the big question. It's frankly hard to answer - without a reality check.

Enter reality: Traffic. Cars. Schedules. Airports. Email. Sarah and I've both been busily reconnecting with our friends and colleagues.  For fun, and at the prodding of Sarah, I jumped on a plane this week and went to Las Vegas to reconnect with colleagues from the past 18+ years.  It was short, but great.

So, the answer?  Was the 3 week reality check enough to convince us what to do?  Yep.  We've made our plans as a family, and we're off.  We've decided that we will continue to explore New England this summer and then move south to Annapolis and Hilton Head, SC.  From there down through the Caribbean and off to Grenada.  We're excited.

We plan on keeping our blog up to date, with pictures, videos, revelations and other fun stuff.  We also plan to do "Reality Checks" as a family on a periodic basis to ensure we are maximizing our time together while our kids are young.

It's off to Newport in a week - we'll be spending time with friends from the Atlantic Cup Rally 2012 (their blog links here and here) in Cape Cod, MA and then up to Boston & Maine.

Oh yea, there is one more thing - video installment #2 of the Atlantic Cup Rally.  I plan on having the final episode finished later this week.  The videos take a full day to edit given the large amount of footage.  Thanks for your patience.... :)


  1. Nicely done - another brilliant installment.

  2. So your almost 2 year old niece says, "more...more...more Mommy" so I guess this is the best compliment you get from one of your youngest fans! Love the shots -- absolutely stunning!


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