Video Vixen

Videos are a key part of how we're documenting our travels.  We've produced 19, with many more on the way.  The problem has been - how to keep them organized on this blog?

We've used YouTube.  They're frankly too restrictive for how we produce the videos.

The best solution by far is Vimeo.  Vimeo imbeds in our blog, plays on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices - and allows more 'creativity' in audio track selection.

This week I've moved all videos into one location - a Field Trip Channel on Vimeo.  Once we get the new widget written for the blog, you will see a live feed on the right.

Until then, below are the options to view and subscribe to this new video feed.

The 3rd Episode of the Atlantic Cup Rally is now here!

RSS Video Feed - Click Here

Direct Link to Channel - Click Here

Current Videos on Field Trip Channel


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