Sizzling Summer

We're back aboard Field Trip!  It was very hard to leave her in Newport for three weeks. We were worried.  Enough solar power?  Will the plants die?  Will the America's Cup bring too many boats in harbor and ding our boat?  Will everything work?

We had a tight window.  We landed at 1.30pm on July 2nd, and needed to leave at 5am July 3rd for Osterville, MA.  Everything was perfect.  In fact, we had 98% battery power, running freezer and fridge - with solar panels.  That was a huge sigh of relief.  We'd never been away from Field Trip for more than 3-4 days.  Everything worked great - we were off to Osterville!

Seth & Elizabeth s/v Honeymoon
Osterville is special.  It's a beautiful area - with some great new friends.  A number of years ago, Sarah and I were following a couple - Seth and Elizabeth - aboard Honeymoon.  While we'd never met them before, we liked their blog and the fact they were the same ages as Sarah and I.  We followed their travels from the Caribbean 1500 to Australia for a year and a half.  Their blog helped inspire us that doing something different was possible.

While we were in Tortola, BVI for the Atlantic Cup, I recognized the last name of the skipper for Comocean.   I knocked on the hull and asked the skipper if he was related to Seth.  Yep!, Toby (skipper) was his father.  WOW.  Small world when I told him we'd followed Seth and Elizabeth aboard Honeymoon.  He beamed, I smiled and we chatted.  After our sail to Bermuda, Toby invited us to visit his family during July 4th for a 'special time' - and we did.  It was a blast.  Fun to meet the Honeymoon crew, talk sailing, have our kids play together and enjoy the festivities.  Thanks Toby, JoAnne, Seth & Elizabeth for a great time!  We hope to see you soon on the water.

Michael & Hale playing on 4th of July at yacht club picnic
Everyone playing hard in Toby & JoAnne's backyard
Toby with kids - they LOVED hanging out with Toby! :-)
Blogs are one-way highways for getting to know someone.  There is minimal reciprocity other than email exchanges.  We've experienced this with our blog.  Lots of people follow Field Trip - about 200 hits per day - but we don't really know most of them.  It's fun to meet people who inspired you to try something different.

After visiting Osterville, we sailed to Nantucket, and spent two great days seeing the island, eating good food & enjoying the nice kid's beach.  The highlight of the trip was the famous Whale museum.  It is a must see and was excellent.  One of the best museum's we've ever visited.

We're now off to Martha's Vinyard, see friends in Mattapoisett, MA and then 10 days in Boston's Inner Harbor.
Family picture taken by Seth on 4th of July


  1. Mark, my name is Marty Kelly and I have been enjoying your adventure. Mine will start shortly as we close on a 42ft Cat today. I saw, and was quite impressed with your spreadsheet lists. Unfortunately, the links to the lists are broken. Is there any way you could send me a copy? Martyjkelly at gmail. Thanks in advance. Keep having fun, it inspiring.


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