Hiding from *Sandy*

After an exciting day going through the locks on the Dismal Swamp Canal (worrying the entire way that we'd not be able to find a place to "hunker down" for Sandy), we found a wonderful group of mariners tied up along a wall right between the South Mills Bridge and the South Mills Locks in North Carolina.  There was just enough space left for us.  At least 4 men and women welcomed us warmly by taking our lines and promptly informing us of all the nearby attractions in the booming town of South Mills - the grocery shop, Methodist church, and pizza joint all within walking distance!  Then, one very organized mate gathered our contact information so that we could all communicate without having to step out into the rain and storm.  Brilliant. We are in good hands.

Field Trip sits at the end of the line!
So, now here we sit while it rains and rains and rains.  The winds are set to come in later tonight, so we feel very lucky to have found such a place to wait it out.  Yes, Mom, I know we're not far enough from the ocean for your peace of mind, but we did the best we could.  We are surrounded by seasoned sailors who are more than helpful, in a community bursting with Southern Hospitality.

An elderly couple came by the boats yesterday and offered rides to the grocery store, and another lady came by to invite us all to a Fall Festival at her church.  The kids and I couldn't resist the chance to meet some local folks and join in the fun!  Both the kids walked away with bags of goodies and 6 desserts from the cake walk!!  I met some very nice people who wouldn't even let me think of walking home in the rain empty handed.  They packaged up dinner for us and gave us a ride back to Field Trip.  Like Vivien Leigh, we are "relying on the kindness of strangers" once again.  But we are safe and sound with plenty of water in the tanks, food in the fridge, and games in the cabinet.  Just be kind to us, okay, Sandy??

On a lighter note, turns out it takes a swift kick to the mouth by your little brother to finally knock out a tooth that's been lose for over a month!!  The tooth fairy found our boat (just before sunrise :) thank goodness!


  1. All the best guys, I know from experience it's scarier to be tied to docks than to be out on the ocean.

    May the sea gods be with you,


  2. Are you guys OK? Not hearing from you makes even this lurker a tad uneasy.

  3. Everyone OK after Sandy?

  4. Are you guys okay? We haven't heard anything post Hurricane Sandy. Hope all is well...


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