Fraternal Friendship

We all grow up.  Some faster than others.  That was the sentiment from our recent fishing/diving trip.  Three of my Tau Kappa Epsilon pledge brothers joined Field Trip in Nassau Bahamas.  Times change when 20+ years fly by.  Marriage.  Careers.  Kids.  All very good.  What doesn't change is our fraternal friendship, memories and ability to laugh at each other and everything around us.

It's very hard to find a time and place to get together.  Even harder when it involves a sailboat in a foreign country coupled with everyone's busy schedules.  A special thanks to our families for letting us have some guy time on the water.  It was fantastic.

Everyone arrived late New Year's day in Nassau.  Early the next morning, we got up, provisioned the boat and left the marina.  It was a fast pace, but we wanted to get away from the city, and head to the remote islands of the Exumas.

It was the first time sailing on a large boat for the crew.  We spent time doing safety discussions (no drinking while sailing - hard to imagine but true), man overboard procedures, etc.  Everyone had a chance to perform different duties each day.  It was a blast.

First day on water motor sailing to Exumas
A tradition aboard Field Trip is to have a sundowner at each new anchorage.  The guys had a blast rotating sundowner responsibilities as we changed anchorages daily.  It was a friendly competition to see who made the best sundowner for the trip.  If I'm not mistaken, Kenny "Virg" made the best sundowner.

After our sundowner, it was off to make dinner.  After dinner we would either watch a guy flick or hang outside, reminisce about college and look at the stars (no, we didn't cue up Air Supply - even though Bobby "Peaches" wanted us to!).

Robert "Tee" with catch of the day - Mahi Mahi
Myself "Perky" Conducting Snuba Instruction
Da Boys - Virg, Peaches, Tee, Perky
Below is the video from the trip.  I had to upload in 540p vs. 720p due to bandwidth issues.  Enjoy!


  1. Awesome Job Mark!
    Had a great time, thanks for all the hard work and effort to make this trip happen. TEE


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