Exumas Airplane Wreck

By Michael & Elizabeth

Did you know that in 1978 a bad guy crashed an airplane into the water? A pilot was trying out a flying trick and crashed. The airplane carried drugs to Florida and Georgia. It crashed in shallow water by Norman Cay in the Exumas. We went to go see it.
Elizabeth jumping in water
Plane wreck
Elizabeth standing on propeller
The 'Bad Guys' of Norman Cay
 The length was about 2 or 3 dinghies long, or 24-36 feet. From the top of the water it looked broken. The whole entire airplane was covered with algae. It was shallow enough to stand on the wing. There was a lot of coral growing in the cockpit. On one side of the propeller fell of on the other side the propeller was on. I could touch the one that was on with my fin. I saw a nurse shark, gigantic stingray and a blue tang chasing a fish out of its way so he can eat coral. There were lots of colored reef fish. It was cool to see the airplane in Normans Cay.

On Beach after plane wreck swim


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