The Amazing Houdini!

The Amazing Houdini
By: Elizabeth
Phil on SV LOCH MARIN teaching us to sail
Our friends on Loch Marin brought us a hermit crab that they had found when they were hiking to the fort. When it was its first night on the boat, we put some shells in the habitat, because we’d read that they grow and need new shells. Then we went to sleep. 

The white shell
The next morning Mom woke us up, asking where the hermit crab was.  His white shell was in the habitat, but there was no crab inside!  We noticed that there was a shell missing and started to search the boat.  I felt horrified that the crab had escaped!  After a few minutes, I was relieved to find him hanging under the cabinets in the kitchen!!!

This is where I found him.
We wondered how he had escaped.  Michael realized that there was a rock in the corner that he could climb up onto and drop out of his container.  He must have had a VERY busy night.  He changed his shell, dropped out of the container onto the table, fell from the table onto the floor, rolled down the stairs, and found a clever hiding spot!

His 'escape' rock
Mom said we should call him “Houdini,” because he was quite an escape artist!  She showed us a biography of Houdini online to explain.  I decided I needed to build a house for him with Legos and put him in a taller box.

Escaping his Lego home!
Houdini really likes to crawl around on the carpet, and can move pretty fast!  He also likes to climb on rocks - obviously…

Going to keep a close eye on him now!


  1. What a great post, Elizabeth! I will be sure to show it to Sarah and Tali. I bet they would like a hermit crab as a pet! Katy

  2. A real reporter! A good hunter too!

  3. After more research, Elizabeth learned that hermit crabs are not necessarily "hermits" and do better with friends. So, Houdini now has a partner in crime - Robinson (aka Robinson Crusoe). Neverending entertainment! Robinson is a bit of a fashionista, changing shells at least 3 times already!


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