Author: Mark
Date: Apr 30, 9am MST
Location: 08 58 S --- 130 11 W
Conditions: 10-12kts @ 180T, 260T COG, 5.2kts SOG, 1.5m swell with 9s period

I'm sitting here at the helm with Sarah watching the sunrise. It is 6.30AM "boat time". We keep our clocks in sync with the sunrise/sunset while sailing. Our preference is to have sunrise and sunset around 6am/pm respectively. That way it keeps us in a rhythm with daylight hours.

The excitement is building. We are less than four days from Fatu Hiva. Overall it's been a good sail. The last half of the trip has been the best. The seas settled and are now on our port stern vs. our beam.

We now have wind directly on our stern at 10-13kts. It makes for slow going. We averaged 5.6kts overnight. Two nights prior we averaged 7.9kts - so we have slowed down a lot. We are not in a rush, so it is what it is and we will enjoy the calmer seas and hopefully some fish on the line!

We have designated Saturday as boat cleaning day. We plan on thoroughly cleaning both the inside and outside while at sea. There is no sea spray now, so we will wash and polish all stainless, scrub down the decks and get ready for arrival! The last thing we want to do after arriving is to have a list of boat projects. We are going to head ashore and check out the island! The kids have been doing school every day - so they will also get a break and take several days swimming, exploring and just relaxing on our first island in French Polynesia with our friends! Yeah!

We are also looking forward to our friends Todd and Trina Folkenberg who will be visiting us in Tahiti from Colorado! It will be a blast to have friends aboard as we check out the islands together and do some serious diving.

Well, that's is for now! I need to get back to helping get breakfast are up and hungry!

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