Happy Easter!

Author: Mark
Date: Apr 20, 7pm MST
Location: 07 03.90S --- 105 07.89W
Conditions: 15-18kts @ 140T, 255 COG, 7.5kts SOG, 2.5-3m swell with 9s period

Happy Easter! We had a very laid back day today on Field Trip. We celebrated Easter in the AM with the kids, read from the bible the story of the resurrection and had a good time. We caught a Mahi Mahi and had fish tonight for dinner. It was a good day!

Keeping track of time onboard is more about the rhythm of our schedules. Time flies by. The kids check the schedule daily, and make sure nothing is missed. They remind us 'Today is Civilization game night' or 'Today we make brownies!'. It's safe to say they are enjoying the trip more than the adults. We are doing fine, they are doing great!

Sarah is a little weary today. Sleep was a little rough the last night or two. We had some squalls and powered up to 13.6kts last night on a large wave. The boat once planing over 8kts has a small shudder sound that can wake you up. It's very subtle, but my automatic wakeup when not on watch. It means we are flying, and maybe should have a reef or two in the sails. In addition the wind turned to the east (we are heading west) so we had to head more south to not be in a dead run. That means taking 2.3-3m seas on the beam. Not always comfortable (Sarah was a little irked this AM?grin) as we ripped along at 8-9kts. We've changed sails tonight, and expect a slower pace.

We are very fortunate to be sailing in a pack of good friends. We have a total of 5 kid boats within 150NM of each other all sailing to the same place. It's great. We rag each other via email or on the SSB net daily. One boat - Dafne from Philly - said they changed their AIS signature to "Field Trip - You can't catch us!". Nice move Dafne...grin. They are a Leopard catamaran and doing very well.

We are all looking forward to having a cold drink in French Polynesia together as a rat pack of kid boats sailing the South Pacific. Totally amazing stuff and we are blessed to be out here making memories with our family and friends.

That's is for now. I?m heading to bed to get my sleep in before my 3am watch!

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