Over the Hump

Author: Mark
Date: Apr 25, 4pm MST
Location: 06 56.57S --- 117 58.36W
Conditions: 10-12kts @ 180T, 271T COG, 5.5kts SOG, 1.5m swell with 10s period

We're over the hump! Yep, well over halfway to Fatu Hiva. We are currently on a really good run with the spinnaker. We are not sailing as fast as we would like (yes, I would buy the larger size Parasailor, and not our mid size) but it sure is comfortable. Comfort over speed is best. At least that is what Sarah says - grin.

The kids celebrated by making special crowns for everyone to wear. We were required to wear this during our Argentine dinner last night - Milanesa prepared by Mali. It was great food, and everyone had fun. After dinner, the kids put on a dance show, with music as the adults sat around and watched. Fun for all, and yes, we are making a video of our trip - the dancing was hilarious.

We've been skunked on fishing the last couple of days. Arg. Just as we got our leaders upgraded to high strength wire, sharpened all the hooks and strung out a string of lures to chum the waters - we haven't snagged anything. Not even a lost lure. Bummer.

There's not much more to update everyone on at the moment. We are well engrained into our boat routine and everything is going well. It will be hard, very hard for some of us to stop sailing. Sounds crazy, but this is very true. Once you get into the rhythm, you can keep going without much issue - especially in good sailing conditions. The kids don't want to stop. They told me last night they are having too much fun. For them it is especially great because they get to do a lot of special things we don't let them do while not sailing - they get a 'choice' every afternoon after successful completion of school - playing on the iPad for 1 hour, or watching a movie. This is a huge deal for our kids, as they only get to watch one movie a week - on Friday, and play on the iPad once a week. For them this is paradise - sailing paradise!

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