Author: Mark
Location: 01 54.45S --- 91 46.58W
Conditions: 7-8kts @ 100T, 6kts SOG, 1.5-2m swell with 10s period

It's all about schedules on a passage. On Field Trip we keep everything structured. It works great with the kids and crew. Everyone knows what to expect. We post activities, menus, and watch schedules . What makes it work? The kids get to look forward ?to the next day? and it makes time go by very quickly. Most importantly, the kids have fun. Every day is something to look forward to, and we make each activity a big deal.

How has our first 24 hrs at sea been? Great. No one has been sick. Sea conditions so far are very good, even thought we have large swells, the periods are about 10s, which makes the motion decent. Not flat, but good. That?s it for now!


  1. Keep up the good work! God speed and following along from Steamboat Springs.

  2. Keep up the good work. God speed and wishing you safe travels from Steamboat Springs.


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