Settling In

Author: Mark
Date: Apr 16, 11am MST
Location: 05 11.217S --- 94 20.656W
Conditions: 15-18ts @ 100T, 8kts SOG, 2-3m swell with 9s period

We've been sailing now for two days since our last post. Here's a quick update on how things are going, and what is happening aboard Field Trip.

First, we are starting to get settled into our watch routine. It always takes a couple of days before this becomes more of a routine and our sleep schedules are adjusted. Sarah has the 6-9 (AM/PM), myself the 3-6, Carlos 12-3 and Mali 9-12. It's nice having four aboard. You get 9 hours of "down time" twice a day. That means lots of sleep (hopefully) and time with kids, reading, watching films or just talking.

Last night we made carrot cake as our "special" event for the day. It was great. Sarah baked the cake with the kids and I made the cream cheese frosting. Eating well on a passage is important, it keeps the moral high, and the tummies fed.

We had to head more south yesterday (210 course over ground -- COG), and this consequently gave us a messier sail due to the swell being partially forward and on the beam. We made this course adjustment due to reports by buddy boats that the squalls were messy about 120NM due west of our position. So, we sucked it up for 24 hours to bolt south across 5degrees S before we begin our westward journey under Parasailor.

Since the boat motion is confused and uncomfortable, today was designated a "Lazy Day". No school. No major activities, just resting, reading and watching a movie or two. The kids are excited to have a day off, and so is mom!

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