Smooth Sailing

Author: Mark
Date: Apr 27, 6pm MST
Location: 07 45 S --- 123 39 W
Conditions: 20-23kts @ 145T, 257T COG, 8 ? 9 kts SOG, 3m swell with 10s period

We had a really good day today. Winds kept up to 15+kts which made us have a good sailing day with Parasailor. I spent a couple of hours working on additional tweaks to rigging and I am creating a 'How To' manual for Antares owners with Parasailor. Tricks we are learning has increased our boat speed close to a knot - which is significant. I'm much more satisfied now with our rigging changes. More on this later with photos, etc.

Kids had a great day today. Their highlight was working with dad, gathering all the flying fish on deck so we can use them for bait. We then gutted the fish and created some fancy rigs, wings and all! They had a blast. Now we just need to land a darn fish. We had one on the new lure, but lost him tonight. Arg!

Sarah and the rest of the crew are doing very well. Boat motion is excellent. It was a little bumpy last night as we had sustained 22-25kts for about two hours during my watch. Yes, we flew the Parasailor the whole time. No issues whatsoever. Our apparent wind never got over 18kts. We were flying, our SOG was 10-12kts for two hours with peaks of 14kts. Fun stuff.

Tonight for dinner Sarah labored hard in the galley and whipped up some outstanding lasagna. It was great. Everyone ate well and we are now getting ready for game night before bed time.

We are 5-6 days away from Fatu Hiva! Everyone but the kids are getting excited! :-)

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