Land Ho!

Author: Mark
Date: May 4, 4pm MST
Location: 10 27 S --- 138 40 W
Conditions: At Anchor!

We made it! Words cannot describe the view and scenery from our anchorage. It is unbelievable. We keep waiting for dinosaurs to pop out around a corner. It's simply the most beautiful anchorage we've seen. It's the most beautiful island we've seen. Stunning. Not a bad start for the South Pacific!

In addition, the anchorage is full of our buddy kid boats! Just amazing that we are hooking up with friends from Grenada and Panama. In total we have five buddy boats here at Fatu Hiva. All with kids. All friends from distant shores. As we cracked into the sundowners we had a steady stream of visitors. It's been great. A wonderful welcome after 20 days and 20 hours at sea!

Ok, so now the numbers of our trip. We were at sea for 20 days, 20 hours. We sailed 3,053NM, averaged 6.1kts, 147NM per day, and had to motor 15% of the time. Nothing broke that can't be repaired, and the boat is sparkling clean. One heck of a trip!

We will not have internet for at least another week - so bear with us as we work on getting pictures and video figured out. We plan on posting a short video of our crossing in the next two weeks.

On a more somber note, some friends of ours - s/v Escape Velocity - was dismasted last night on their 40ft catamaran 600NM from Galapagos. They lost a stay and the mast snapped 3M above the deck. As of now, they are rigging a partial sail and will continue to the Marquesas. They expect to travel 2-3kts and will be at sea for probably 40-50 days. No one was injured, and the crew is well. They are in our thoughts and prayers as they continue to follow their dreams, despite the hardship!

For now, that is it, as we will focus on land activities - hiking, exploring, trading - and of course swimming and fishing. We will sleep well tonight!!

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