Simply Extraordinary

Author: Sarah
Date: May 1, 11am MST
Location: 09 21 S - 132 44 W
Conditions: 10-12kts @ 180T, 260T COG, 5.2kts SOG, 1m swell with 9s period

We are on day 18 now, who's counting though, right??? The upside is I've already read three books, which seems so indulgent these days!! Just finished The Book Thief last night and treated myself to an afternoon matinee! Great movie, but, like usual, the book was WAY better.

Yesterday Mali, the kids, and I attempted to make key lime pie with some of the last limes that are hanging in the hammocks in our cockpit. I had the job of finding a couple eggs that could still be used. UGH. We bought them 2.5 weeks ago, unrefrigerated, so they usually last a couple weeks that way. I found two that were 'less' questionable than the rest...hope we all don't get salmonella or something! My, my, my how my life has changed.

Thankfully, we had some powdered egg whites that worked well enough for the meringue topping (after whipping them by hand for at least 20 minutes! We all took turns until our arms were all worn out!). It will be nice to have a special treat that we worked so hard for. Most of our produce is gone now. You should have seen our produce hammocks hanging heavy when we left! Now, there is one lonely cabbage, two pumpkins, a few shriveled oranges, one cucumber, three tomatoes, and still quite a few onions, carrots, and potatoes. The biggest surprise was the romaine lettuce that we bought! There is still half a stalk left!! I wrapped it in paper towels and kept it dry and cold - what a treat a crisp salad is after so long away from civilization! Unfortunately, we still have at least 4 days left, so the next few meals will be quite creative:) Secretly though, I find myself daydreaming about Noodles & Co?s pad thai and Smart Cow?s cheesecake frozen yogurt!! Oh, what I wouldn?t give to call the pizza delivery guy right now!!

I cannot believe that we have been at sea for over two weeks without seeing land. The anticipation of this sail and the planning that it required had formed it into such a huge event in my mind that the reality of day-in, day-out life on board seems a bit lack luster. I?m wondering if this is one of those experiences that seem ordinary while you?re in the midst of it, but before and after seem extraordinary. When I look back on this trip, I?m sure that I won?t believe what we accomplished together. Instead of thinking about the mundane things that cloud my daily sight (meals, school, cleaning), I?ll remember the moments of awe and fear and quiet and laughter and determination and deep connection that have been sprinkled in between.

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