Birthday Sail

Author: Mark
Date: August 12, 2am MST
Location: 16 46.659 S - 153 57.157 W
Conditions: 10-12kts ESE, Calm Anchorage

Sarah was very happy that her Birthday Sail was all that I had promised (huge grin). It was a great sail, light winds, calm seas and a full moon! We arrived safely to Maupihaa from Maupita, and were welcomed by six fellow kid boats. Wow! We were surprised to see so many friends in the same place getting ready to head west. It's great to be with a virtual floating community of like minded individuals.

We also caught up with our friends on Outsider, who we last saw in Panama. They've consistently been just ahead of us in our travels. It was great catching up today in this beautiful spot and get the scoop on diving, fishing and the local village (small, only three families live here).

Our plans are to stay here until the weekend as we wait for a good weather window to sail to Palmerston. The window is closed right now for us as we wait for the large swell that is enroute to subside, and the sub tropical convergence zone to dissipate that is close to our rhumb line. We'll certainly keep everyone posted. Until then, just know that all is well aboard Field Trip as we hang out until we can jump west with our friends.

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