Middle of Nowhere

Author: Mark
Date: August 23, 10:00pm MST
Location: 19 59.346 S - 167 46.000 W
Conditions: Anchored

It's six o'clock somewhere! Actually it's six o'clock here, in the middle of nowhere, anchored behind a submerged reef, with a beer in had as I type this. We sailed 868 nautical miles in just over six days. Not fast, but given the conditions, not terrible. A lot of boats averaged 3-4 kts a day with less wind, so we did pretty good considering the weather window.

There is only one other boat here, a buddy 'kid' boat called Moxie. It's almost surreal to be anchored here in the middle of the ocean, with calm conditions, turquoise blue water, no land in sight - and a 3m swell outside. This will probably be the most remote, unique anchorage we'll ever go to during our travels. It's amazing. Especially after being at sea for almost a week, to drop the hook, and still feel like we are in the wide open ocean, but...anchored.

OK, more later. We wanted to let everyone know all is going well, we are safely anchored, and excited about diving and snorkeling over the next week! Stay tuned!

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  1. Mark, Elise Eberwein here. We have been looking at Antares and came across your photo of Field Trip in the calendar. What a beauty! And your family is awesome...what fun you guys have been having! My husband Russ is interested in talking to you about Antares. Not sure how best to correspond. We will be in the BVIs on a cat from Moorings in early Nov. You may still have my work e mail too. Good to catch up with you guys!


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